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Best Sustainable World Media Blog Posts of 2013

January 1, 2014

We’ve had a busy 2013 at Sustainable World Media. We’ve added lots of videos to our YouTube Channel and finished our documentary The Soil Solution To Climate Change.

We also wrote on our blog. Our top posts for 2013 were:

May The Flock Be With You– We met chicken expert and soil builder Pat Foreman while we were filming The Soil Solution. Pat talked with us about the many virtues of these wonderful creatures who through their actions can increase soil health, save you money on garden inputs, give you delicious food and decrease your carbon footprint.

Agriculture As Art–  We were thrilled that our five-part YouTube video series on Keyline Design with Permaculturist Darren Doherty was featured in an art exhibition in Sydney,  Australia in November. The exhibition highlights the work of Australian farmer and engineer PA Yeomans whose work is now used on farms throughout the world. Yeomans developed the Keyline System- an agricultural method that increases soil fertility, conserves water and regenerates land.

Increasing Soil Fertility Is A Job For Us All– We learned so much about the importance of soil while filming The Soil Solution. In this post, we wrote about ways to build healthy soil, even if you don’t have a garden or yard. An example: When you buy food,support farmers and ranchers who treat the soil like gold, who use non-toxic/organic methods of growing food including: low-till plowing, composting, cover cropping and mulching.

Tea Time For The Soil! How To Brew Your Own Compost Tea– Compost Tea contains billions of microbes and beneficial organisms that help plants maintain a healthy immune function. Keep your Soil Food Web alive and thriving. It’s Tea Time! Learn how to brew this nutrient rich tea in our YouTube Video with Oscar Carmona.

Thanks to everyone for your support and interest in our educational environmental videos.

Happy New Year from Sustainable World Media!

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