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The Soil Solution to Climate Change Film

What if there was a solution to climate change beneath our feet? The Soil Solution explores the link between soil and carbon and documents the forward thinking ranchers and scientists who are studying soil’s potential as a biologically based solution to the global climate crisis. World wide, most soils are depleted of carbon. The atmosphere contains an excess of carbon in the form of CO2, a climate change causing gas. What if that CO2 could be removed and stored in our carbon-hungry soil through land management practices?  The Soil Solutions examines the land stewardship practices that could be used to remove excess atmospheric carbon and put it to beneficial use in soil. Rangeland management is a method of grazing that works with nature, instead of against it. Following Nature’s model of grazing, animals are moved from paddock to paddock where their impact on the land helps to create healthy soil. Many ranchers and scientists now believe that managing cattle in this way also increases the sequestration of atmospheric CO2. Rangeland management also provides us with nutritionally rich food, cleaner water and a healthier planet for all.

In The Soil Solution scientists and ecologists from the Marin Carbon Project and the University of California share their research about the soil-carbon connection. After conducting a four year field trial, The Marin Carbon Project has discovered that certain land stewardship practices increase carbon sequestration in rangeland soils. Since rangelands are prevalent throughout the world, these soils have a huge potential for storing large amounts of atmospheric CO2.

The Soil Solution- Official Selection of the SBIFF.



The Soil Solution at Sausalito Film Festival

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  1. C. Williams permalink
    March 2, 2015 2:59 am

    Hello Sustainable World Media,
    I teach Environmental Science at a local community college and love your film “The Soil Solution”. Current mandates require that all videos shown in classrooms must have close captioning. I’m wondering if there is a close captioned version of this film available and if so where and how do I obtain it?
    Also what is the difference between the soil solution DVD and the soil solution DVD for educational purposes listed here on your page?
    Thanks you for getting back to me – CW

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