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Here are some links we think are worth mentioning.

Abundance in Design

Algalita Marine Research Institute

Best Beef Ever

Center for Urban Agriculture

Darren Doherty

Earth Flow Designs

Ecocentro IPEC

Ellwood Canyon Farms, Goleta

Food Not Lawns

Gaviota Action

Gooland Kitchen

Graham Burnett- SpiralSeed

Healing Grounds Nursery

Marin Carbon Project

Natural Building Network

Orella Stewardship Institute

Paul Stamets- Fungi Master

Permaculture Biz- Darren Doherty

Permaculture Research Institute of Australia

Quail Springs

Rainwater Harvesting- Brad Lancaster

Regenerative Design Institute

Santa Barbara Permaculture Network

Save Naples in Gaviota, California

Sudden Oak Life

Sustainable World Radio

The Farm

Permaculture Now- Jenny Pell

Water Institut

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