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Who’s Your Farmer? Marshall Chrostowski

December 8, 2013

Marshall Chrostowski is an organic farmer with decades of experience. Point out any plant at the Pacifica Market Garden in Carpinteria, California and he will not only know its name, but also the plant’s history and uses. We were lucky enough to follow Marshall around his garden for a few hours with our video cameras. We learned so much about heirloom varieties of plants, how the Pacifica CSA works and some organic methods of pest control.

Marshall was recently honored in the Santa Barbara Independent as a Local Hero. We couldn’t agree more. Marshall knows and loves plants and when you visit the Pacifica Market Garden, and witness its verdant beauty, it’s obvious how much they love him!

Who’s Your Farmer?  is a new YouTube video series created by Sustainable World Media that highlights the farmers who grow food and nourish both people and planet by using organic and regenerative agricultural practices.

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