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Sustainable World Media creates media that matters. Our films highlight change makers across the globe who are achieving real results and whose work focuses on solutions that benefit both people and planet.  The Soil Solution is the first film in our Climate Change Solutions Series. As important to our lives as clean air and water, soil may also hold a potential solution to climate change. Visit our YouTube Sustainable World Channel to learn  about Soil, Permaculture, Rainwater Harvesting, Organic Farming, Food Forests, Keyline Design, Rangeland Management and much more.

What if there was a solution to climate change beneath our feet? The Soil Solution explores the link between soil and carbon and documents the forward thinking ranchers and scientists who are studying soil’s potential as a biologically based solution to the global climate crisis.

World wide, most soils are depleted of carbon. The atmosphere contains an excess of carbon in the form of CO2, a climate change causing gas. What if that CO2 could be removed and stored in our carbon-hungry soil through land management practices?  The Soil Solutions examines the land stewardship practices that can be used to remove excess atmospheric carbon and put it to beneficial use in soil.

Guner Tautrim of the Orella Stewardship Institute explains how using nature as a model for grazing can provide perennial native grasses the means to thrive. An outtake from The Soil Solution film- Part 1 of the Climate Change Solutions Series by Sustainable World Media.
Brad Lancaster demonstrates some basic rainwater harvesting techniques.
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  1. October 28, 2014 11:49 am

    Hi Jill and Carol –

    Great work! Please get in touch with me about our upcoming conference, Restoring Ecosystems to Reverse Global Warming, at Tufts University in the Boston area, November 21-23, 2014. We have a lot to talk about.



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