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Catch and Store Energy- Permaculture and Gardening

June 14, 2015

Bare Soil is Public Enemy #1! Find out why in this video with Permaculture teacher Loren Luyendyk as he explains  the Permaculture Principle of Catch and Store Energy to gardening.

This principle is already happening in your garden. Plants naturally Catch and Store solar energy in the form of photosynthesis and sugars.

In this video, Loren talks about how to design for optimal water storage and catchment. Loren talks about why he likes raised beds and how mulch-filled pathways can become water harvesting structures. These pathways don’t have to perfectly on contour and can have a little bit of slope. Water is stored and preserved in the mulch  and evaporation is reduced.  Don’t dehydrate your soil, keep it covered. Catch and Store it in your mulch.

Using permaculture principles in your garden helps create an environment for healthy plants to thrive. Happy Gardening!

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