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Top Five Sustainable World Media Videos

June 11, 2014

At Sustainable World Media we love educating about the natural world, Permaculture, rainwater harvesting, organic gardening, natural building and other topics related to reducing our environmental footprint. Our Sustainable World Channel has been on YouTube for over five years now. Here are our top five videos ranked by views.

1) TumbleWeed Tours with Jay Shafer– This one is a short tour of a very tiny mobile home. 


2) Rainwater Harvesting Basics With Brad Lancaster- This one is especially timely with the drought.


3)Rainwater Harvesting- In this one, Brad Lancaster does a short demo illustrating how earth works can keep water on property.


4) The Art of Aquaponics- We visit Santa Barbara Aquaponics to learn more about this closed loop system and method of organic agriculture.


5) Bunyip Building- Have you ever wanted to make a water level to find the highs and lows of your landscape? Learn how here!

To see more videos visit the Sustainable World YouTube Channel. 

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