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An Old Lawn Is Transformed Into A Water Saving Oasis

April 1, 2014

Have you ever wanted to turn your water sucking lawn into a water saving landscape? We did. To learn how, we visited rainwater harvesting expert Jeff Adams at the recently installed rain garden at the Santa Barbara City College Center for Life Long Learning. In this video, Jeff , owner of Terra Sophia and Project Manager with the Watershed Management Group, talks about designing landscapes that retain water, create habitat, lessen runoff and look fabulous. In this short video, Jeff talks about how water harvesting techniques, combined with drought tolerant landscaping and use of native species, contributes to long-term water efficiencies.

Keep your garden beautiful through times of drought and intermittent rainfall. Turn your lawn into a water saving landscape that saves you money, helps the environment and looks absolutely gorgeous.

For more videos about water conservation, rainwater harvesting, Permaculture and farming visit our YouTube Channel here. 


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