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March 14, 2014

The Soil Solution is now on Amazon and available as a rental and instant download. You can also purchase the DVD. The Soil Solution is our first film and we’re proud that we were some of the initial filmmakers that documented the potential that soil may hold in reversing climate change.

Why should you watch The Soil Solution? We made the film because we felt that it’s time to offer some solutions to the climate change crisis and to educate viewers about the relationship between soil and carbon.  After researching the many ways to build healthy soil, we decided to focus on grazing and livestock, because of the huge and mostly detrimental impact they have on soil fertility and carbon sequestration. We included regenerative farming in the first cut of the film, but decided to edit that section out since we wanted the film to be short and easily digestible (and not two hours long).

SoilSolution-Producton_Still2 cropped

The Soil Solution has screened at many festivals, including the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, Sausalito Film Fest, and more recently at the One Earth Film Fest in Chicago. Our film toured with the Wild and Scenic 2013 Tour and was one of thirteen films chosen for the Climate of Change Tour sponsored by, the TRUST Campaign and Wild and Scenic.

The Soil Solution Poster

When we first started to play with the idea of making a film about soil, our working title was Soil, The Musical. Now that we’re done with the film, we firmly believe that soil and the soil food web are like an orchestra. Each organism and element contributing its part to creating a masterpiece- healthy soil.  The good news is that we can have a positive role to play in creating fertile soil and in sequestering atmospheric carbon. Through our actions we can speed up the process… or destroy it.

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